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Insulation pressboard

Insulating pressboard is made of insulated non-bleached sulphate wood pulp, which has the advantages of high mechanical and electrical strength, good tensile strength, good elongation, low compressibility and good bending performance. Good performance makes the products widely used in transformers, reactors, inductors and other power transmission and transformation equipments.

product advantage

High  mechanical and electrical strength.

The pressboard's thickness,density and moisture uniform stability,good elognation,good flatness.

Good flexibility,strong applicability.

The shrinkage is small. 

Single layer wet banner tolerance ±1.5%.

Can continuous produce thickness of 8mm transformer insulation pressboard.


 quality promise

The main quality index of the product is 5% better ahn the IEC60641-3-1 standard.

The production process adopts DCS control system to ensure stable quality.

The size of the insulation components is stable and reliable.  

The testing and experiental equipments are advanced and complete.


Testing equipments are advanced and complete 

Test all test items according to the inspection specification.  

The whole set of experimental equipment has realized the fiber micro structure analysis and pulping,paper making,pressing,drying molding ,testing and other process of the complete set of simulation. 


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